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FC Sacramento


La Maquina

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The Founding of our Soccer Organization has a meaning. A deep meaning that comes from vision and inspiration. A vision to create opportunities and break barriers that stop truly talented Athletes from surfacing. A vision that came from seeing missing links, causing so much FLORIDA talent "To just look down" and fade away.  The Team's mission is to cease the moment and bring talented athletes to the surface. To not only bring their abilities and talent to the light, but make their dreams come true. Our goal is to take naturally talented players and create "The Opportunity" for them.

The state of Florida is larger than many small countries that continually qualify for the FIFA WORLD CUP. As in many parts of the United States of America, Florida is a melting pot of cultures that represent what the American People are. Our many cultures combined create the American Community in the state of Florida. Leading to more talent than PEOPLE can imagine. The mission is to create opportunity. There is hundreds of Youth Soccer organizations and amateur Soccer leagues, then after..... for a talented person there is virtually nothing more. ?? So our mission, is not only to promote Talented Soccer Players but also grow to be the NEXT Manchester United ( creating Opportunity for many talented PEOPLE of Florida - People of the United States of America. 

Our Talented athletes, are GIFTED Players that would just fade away, like "many others already have" in the state of Florida - due to missing links and not enough Professional Soccer Organizations (TEAMS) in the state.  Our players are not drafted from a "University", most of them played in amateur leagues in Florida -  Because they had no other choice....But they are KNOWN by many for Their TALENT.  Our vision is to give these athletes the opportunity. Like Pele or Ronaldo were found - athletes that came from the street. Pele was was known for his talent and from their he was given "The Opportunity". That is our mission, to create Opportunity for Talented people.  Athletes from the Street - From the Fields of Florida - ATHELETES with ability, heart and Talent, that that Deserve "The Opportunity". 



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